Get Your Music Heard Around The World

Artists spend months and years writing, singing, and composing their music. However, the real challenge is worldwide music distribution. Most music artists worldwide do not get the recognition they deserve because they are unable to distribute their music properly on top-notch platforms.

Common issues artists face when distributing their music

When it comes to worldwide music distribution, some of the common problems artists face are.

• Most artists are unaware of the platforms where they can share their music to get heard. There are hundreds of platforms available and sharing your music on only a few is not the right thing.

• Commonly young artists have a tight budget, and they cannot afford the hefty fee of managers, music distributors or online platforms.

• The competition in the music industry is increasing, which makes it hard for talented artists to be heard.

SPS studios will help you get heard globally

Do not worry anymore because SPS studios has the perfect music distribution services available that will not be heavy on your pocket. Moreover, the time has come for the artists to be their managers and rule the world with their music.

1- Spread music on more than 200 streaming platforms

Worldwide music distribution is made easier with DistroKid. After the initial registration on the platform, the professionals will manage your music catalog

by distributing your songs on various platforms.

• Spotify

• YouTube

• Apple Music

• TikTok

• Tidal

• More

Your music will be distributed on more than 140 online streaming sites and music stores to assure that everyone worldwide can listen to and enjoy your amazing music. Moreover, artists will get verified on all music platforms like Spotify, and professionals will manage their profiles.

2- Legally distribute your music

The music distribution services we offer are legal. All the music covers distributed are done legally, and artists will get paid even when someone uses their music on YouTube and related platforms. Moreover, quick backups are available to assure that your art will never get lost.

3- Get 100% earnings from your music

SPS studio and DistroKid will not only help you distribute your music but also assure you that you earn through it. Every time someone listens to your music, you will get paid. Moreover, you can keep 100% earnings of the music you generate, which you can withdraw into your PayPal account.

Signup today for special discounts

With the DistroKid worldwide music distribution services, you will not have to wait for months to be heard. All you have to do is signup and get a 7% discount on all services you require. Once you register, all to do is assimilate your song and upload it on the website, and the rest will be automatically managed.

Distrokid and SPS Studios are providing the golden opportunity to artists worldwide. So, all you need to do is focus on your songs and leave the rest to professionals. With DistroKid, you will get various amazing features and benefits not provided by any other music distributor.

Waiting for your songs to come up, good luck