Let DistroKid make it easy for everyone to hear your music

music distribution services - Distrokid for your music
music distribution services - Distrokid for your music

Have you been toying around with uploading your music album but wondering which platform is best? Let us simplify it for you! With the DistroKid 7% discount offer, you will now find it easier to upload your music and get regular payments on each sale. In addition, the VIP discount offer will make it easier for you to increase your fan base and reach out to your clients worldwide. DistroKid is a platform that encourages musicians, band artists, and DJs to upload their music and have it heard by enthusiasts worldwide.

music distribution services - Distrokid
music distribution services - Distrokid

Here is how DistroKid can make it simpler.

1. DistroKid offers better connections.

When it comes to music distribution services, few online platforms can counter the services offered by DistroKid. For example, the moment you upload your music, catalog, or album on DistroKid, it gets featured on all other major online music platforms. Through DistroKid, your music will get featured on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, TikTok, and over 140 online music stores and streaming sites. As your music gets embedded in these online distribution platforms, it will be easier for your fans to download the songs. DistroKid makes accessing the music you make more straightforward for your fans to listen to, download, and save on their devices. With the help of the discount voucher, you can get all of these services at a premium rate.

2. DistroKid makes it easier for your fan to download music

An essential part of Worldwide music distribution is making it easier for your fan base to download the music and the catalogs you have made. If you check the DistroKid distribution platform, it will make it easier for your fans to do it in the following manner:

· If you are a DJ, you need to keep uploading new music and your latest creations on several online platforms at the same time so that your fans can gain access to them. But if you have to pay every time and for each album you upload, it can be pretty expensive. DistroKid understands that this can be challenging for both established and aspiring DJs. Hence, we offer you a discount and a one-time payment that allows you to keep uploading your latest albums online. Moreover, you do not have to worry about these getting featured on several other online platforms as these happen simultaneously.

· For aspiring musicians, global music distribution can be quite challenging. Moreover, hiring management staff who will evaluate, check, and manage your distribution rights can prove expensive for aspiring musicians. But you can try doing it on your own with the help of DistroKid. Our platform makes your own music management simpler with features like building playlists and synchronizing to manage your music.

· With the help of the DistroKid discount voucher, you can significantly reduce your annual expenses and keep uploading as many songs as you want throughout the year. This can be a helpful feature for artists looking to build a fan base worldwide. However, when it comes own music management engaging with music enthusiasts is essential. For that, you need to provide them with fresh tracks regularly. DistroKid does not charge you for fresh tracks but allows you to upload as many tracks as possible for a fixed annual rate.

· DistroKid is a premium online platform that believes in promoting new talent and providing complete support to existing clients. If you think of signing with a renowned label, then DistroKid can be your takeoff platform. This is essential for new talent. But for existing talent, it is necessary to keep up with the changing musical tastes of clients worldwide. So if you want to keep your place with your fans, you need a platform that offers them easy accessibility to all other online platforms. As DistroKid offers easy music embedding on several other platforms, it makes it easy for established artists to remain relevant.

With all of these services, DistroKid promises to simplify it for artists who want to keep making music that has become a favorite of distribution companies. However, if you want to ensure that you are signed by music labels quickly, then you need to upload your music on DistroKid and get maximum exposure.

3. Gain international recognition

What does any musician want? The answer to this question will undoubtedly be international fame and recognition. We at DistroKid understand this notion explicitly. But the problem with gaining this kind of recognition is having constant access to your fans. Moreover, the challenge will be to build the respective fan base for an aspiring musician. DistroKid will simplify this process in the following manner:

· Our instant music generators will help you create the best musical score and tempo and add sounds to make your songs even catchier.

· We understand that the present generation believes in downloading their music from platforms like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer, and iHeartRadio. But, as your music gets automatically embedded with these platforms once you upload on DistroKid, your fans can download their favorite music from any portal and anywhere.

· We offer cover song clearance so that you do not face any licensing issues when you upload a song. This can help protect your copyright claims and simplify you to get your royalty.

· We have tie-up with several significant labels, like republic Records. This makes it easier for fresh talent to be discovered and signed by reputed recording agencies.

But the best part of all of these is that you get it all for a premium price at a discounted rate. When you opt for the VIP offer that gives you a 7% discount, you can get all of these at a rate that will give you premium access. This 7% discount on your first-year membership will give you the immediate recognition that you need to get noticed by the music world.

4. Get the royalties directly into your account.

When you think of uploading your music on any online platform, your worry will naturally be about the royalties that you will receive with each download. You can rest assured that DistroKid does not get any benefit from the sales. You can get the royalties directly in your PayPal account. This is how it will work:

· When your music gets downloaded from online platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, etc., each download or stream accrues a certain amount of royalty.

· We will directly deposit accrued royalty to your PayPal account, which you can withdraw.

· DistroKid believes in facilitating this exchange so that musicians can keep creating art and uploading their music online.

· We can assure you that there is no profit made by DistroKid when your music is streamed or downloaded from online platforms.

As the entire process is simple and easy to manage, you do not have to worry about keeping a separate management staff to organize your music. You can easily create an online catalog and keep track of the musical tracks that are downloaded or streamed. You can even calculate the expected royalty that you can expect to be deposited in your PayPal account.

5. DistroKid helps you to get noticed.

The primary reason we created this platform is to help young artists get noticed by renowned labels. Once you upload your music and promote these on the DistroKid platform, you will get noticed by respected labels. All DistroKid will get is a finder's fee when a reputed label signs you. We believe in making it easier for young talents to keep managing their music by uploading albums that will be loved by music enthusiasts and by labels. We will help you do it in the following manner:

· To get noticed by renowned labels, you need to have a presence on all social media platforms, and at DistroKid, we offer you complete support regarding it.

· We will help you develop the best quality music and promote it online so that you can get noticed easily.

· Many music industry experts have said that DistroKid stays ahead of its competitors by offering clients the latest technology to develop music and the best digital music management strategies.

All of these you can get at a discounted rate that can simplify your musical career. You can now look forward to a career where you become a recognized name worldwide, and you do not have to worry about hiring a management team for it. Instead, you can do it on your own.

You need to understand that DistroKid offer helps so that you can promote your music on social media and online music platforms. This is an essential part of promoting music and getting noticed by music labels. Online music distribution involves developing suitable marketing strategies, and we can help you with it. We believe in sharing your music worldwide and at a discounted rate. Undoubtedly that will help you get noticed. So do not wait; click on the link https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/929864 and opt for your premium subscription on DistroKid.

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